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Family Law

Family Law is the area of the law that deals with family matters and domestic relations. Most common areas for practice are marriage, civil unions and domestic partnerships. We can help with adoption, Surrogacy, Child Protective proceedings, Juvenile Law, divorce, child custody and paternity issues.

Personal Injury Law

Did someone cause injury to your body, mind or emotions? As an experienced law firm, we can help.

Immigration Law

Let us help with the national regulations and legal proceedings governing immigration and deportation. We help to assist with maintaining laws which regulate both the rights of entry, exit and internal rights for immigration.

Criminal / Quasi-Criminal Law

If you are dealing with any issues related to threats, harm, or otherwise endangering your property, health, safety or moral welfare you may have a criminal case on your hands. We offer you an opportunity to bring those who violate this law to justice.

Other Tribunals

Please contact us for any inquires about cases in areas of Law not listed above.